Those light luxury brand bags i have

My first meli melo, is the blue-gray tone medium halo bag. On a push said, I am very obsessed with the recent blue-gray line, in fact, and this package is not unrelated. Compared to Loewe barcelona is a tough temperament with the fog blue packet, the meli melo’s blue a little more gentle. If barcelona best suited to take cool leather, that the soft meli melo and autumn and winter warm earth color is quite in tune.

For the first time with the package out, with the unknowingly on the election of the blue and gray. Jeans and striped shirt, dark blue velvet shoes, with a gray coat. Although the color is simple and clean, but in the early winter weather is also afraid to look too cold, to join a camel scarf warm look.

Focus on talking bags. Really get this bag before I do not have much to look forward to, but just want to bag in my collection and then plug in a flag belonging to meli melo. But an open package to come up with it was stunning to! The original leather bag can also be soft and delicate into this Oh? So I am the next week, work weekends are using it.

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