Luxury is the most profitable business

Over the past few seasons, Vetements and Gucci have caught the eye, and you may have noticed the bursts – hoodies, motorcycle jackets, vintage jeans and so on.

Although these single product people can not forget even memorable, but in fact, let most luxury brand purse drum up is not these T stage catwalk clothes and pants, but accessories, especially bags (“package “Cure all diseases of the package).

“A lot of T station models never put into production, the purpose of their catwalk is to do marketing.In history, the traditional luxury brand has ceased to exist, and now they are selling bags.” Los Angeles retro shop Decades The founder of Time magazine, “the most influential fashion faces,” CameronSilver said.

Bag represents the luxury market in a special category – the highest price and can guarantee the original price of sales. According to a report released by the Bank of Paris, accessories, especially bags in the luxury market has a decisive position. In 2016, accessories sales accounted for 30% of the global luxury goods market, and in 2013 this figure is 18%.