History of Ville brand Bag

Bernard was born in Lorraine, France, and the famous Joan of Arc belonged to the same homeland, for the strength and courage with the gods of war heroine deeds, Mr. Bernard heard from childhood For the admiration of this national hero, representing the courage and positive image of the VALOR brand came into being, Mr. Bernard pursuit, just like Joan of Arc, with the blood flow, yet, is the French The courage of the nation and the uncompromising heart of the staff, the positive significance of the brand, is a tribute to Joan of Arc, to pay tribute to the indomitable women.

Bernard, i was born in France since the long leather, in Paris, opened a production of leather goods shop, but also to its leather handmade exquisite and highly skilled and highly skilled, the leather handicrafts, Welcome, although it is a leather fur processing shop, also attracted many high society people come here especially.

In 1963, VALOR company hired famous Italian design lu coins Sebastien Sebastien Sebastian as the chief designer of the brand, Sebastien with its rich fashion connotation of the design concept of VALOR leather access to the global fashion industry attention and praise over the years the formation of a unique Fashion brand style, especially the metal round encircled the leather inlay ring handle, has become the leading fashion industry’s benchmarking. Brand adhere to the traditional French craft, through the strict violation of the production process and the designer’s design inspiration, coupled with the VALOR family of leather material characteristics of the maturation of grasp, so that handbags and leather materials complement each other, over the years to conquer the world’s many love fashion Of people. Become a female handbag light book brand benchmarking.

In 1966, the founder of Bernard (Bernard) died, the brand passed on to the family’s second-generation successor business, the same year the company’s group stores also opened, marking VALOR began to attack the global market. With the establishment of the VALOR London, Rome and Florida stores, the French brand representing fashion and taste has established itself in the world’s most important markets. “VALOR” VALOR brand officially became a stable identity.