Have you bought all the three bags please?

For those who “cure” the girls for large bags, handbags, Messenger bag, etc. package can be described as everything, but to say the most popular, classic and wild must be black package section slightly. Whether you are a newcomer entering the workplace, or walking in front of the fashion trend of fine, or college students, black bags are always the highest utilization rate, the most widely used single product, its status is not to be underestimated it. If you already have a black bag then from the following to find some of the street shooting with the inspiration it; if you want to take advantage of the end of the year treat yourself to start the bag, the following three types of black bags to give you a reference!

To say the most dirt can be installed the most large bag or a few large handbags, and simple shopping bag style bag can hold your daily work required to learn items; zipper models Tote OL is also the most favorite bag . With coats highlight the elegant temperament, with profile-shaped down jacket is also fully Hold live.

Like a small black skirt in the status of fashion in general, black messenger bag is also a classic. For example, the chain section of the black bag allows the whole person to enhance the temperament, with skirts or pants are extremely fashionable, the Messenger bag a short length of the back in the chest, it is cool girl’s first choice.

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