Luxury is the most profitable business

Over the past few seasons, Vetements and Gucci have caught the eye, and you may have noticed the bursts – hoodies, motorcycle jackets, vintage jeans and so on.

Although these single product people can not forget even memorable, but in fact, let most luxury brand purse drum up is not these T stage catwalk clothes and pants, but accessories, especially bags (“package “Cure all diseases of the package).

“A lot of T station models never put into production, the purpose of their catwalk is to do marketing.In history, the traditional luxury brand has ceased to exist, and now they are selling bags.” Los Angeles retro shop Decades The founder of Time magazine, “the most influential fashion faces,” CameronSilver said.

Bag represents the luxury market in a special category – the highest price and can guarantee the original price of sales. According to a report released by the Bank of Paris, accessories, especially bags in the luxury market has a decisive position. In 2016, accessories sales accounted for 30% of the global luxury goods market, and in 2013 this figure is 18%.

Kipling launched 2016 winter series bags

Kipling Kipling in the thick atmosphere of Christmas to seek inspiration, the introduction of different styles of bags, from the printing element to the rich variety of fabric package, to color use, throughout the holiday Kailu Lin around Le think about women, Will be happy to share with you!

Although Christmas is an important holiday in the West, but since the introduction of China, the festive atmosphere has become increasingly strong. Kipling (Kipling) in the thick atmosphere of Christmas for inspiration, the introduction of different styles of bags, from the printing element to the rich variety of fabric package, to the color (color, color, color) Use, throughout the holiday Kipling (Kipling) always around to music like women, will be happy to share with you!

Christmas is a party of carnival festivals, in this decorated day, some people are playing against the snowman slapstick, some people are dressed up as a gorgeous Christmas tree, and fun to be happy to hope that the joy of the festival through the gift delivery , Passed to more friends and family. At the same time, the party is an indispensable part of Christmas, Kipling (Kipling) encourage women want to create a unique party experience, feel a chic Christmas. And how to quickly enter the party from the work of the state dress, but also full of vitality to the focus of women’s attention.

Burberry launched The Bridle bag

This season’s main accessories inspired by the classic British equestrian and Burberry classic outdoor appliances, with the British history and art and cultural elements of the spark of creative sparks.

Round Baoshen with colorful solid color, Zhen selected elastic material fabric, from the British traditional harness material Ma Le leather maker system. With a “horse halter” style design of the shoulder strap can be used for shoulder or hatchback, easy to create daily style.

The Bridle series is made in Italy with exquisite craftsmanship.

Package inherited the traditional equestrian design style, showing excellent detail and perfect profile. From the shoulder strap on the “horse halter” -style circular buckle to the pocket cover with a groove on the border and polished smooth edges, the perfect echo of the British traditional equestrian equipment superb detail.

Selection of high-quality Mahler leather, smooth arc-shaped package with the equestrian style shoulder strap, metal buckle and rivets decorated to create a classic fashion style.

Those light luxury brand bags i have

My first meli melo, is the blue-gray tone medium halo bag. On a push said, I am very obsessed with the recent blue-gray line, in fact, and this package is not unrelated. Compared to Loewe barcelona is a tough temperament with the fog blue packet, the meli melo’s blue a little more gentle. If barcelona best suited to take cool leather, that the soft meli melo and autumn and winter warm earth color is quite in tune.

For the first time with the package out, with the unknowingly on the election of the blue and gray. Jeans and striped shirt, dark blue velvet shoes, with a gray coat. Although the color is simple and clean, but in the early winter weather is also afraid to look too cold, to join a camel scarf warm look.

Focus on talking bags. Really get this bag before I do not have much to look forward to, but just want to bag in my collection and then plug in a flag belonging to meli melo. But an open package to come up with it was stunning to! The original leather bag can also be soft and delicate into this Oh? So I am the next week, work weekends are using it.

History of Ville brand Bag

Bernard was born in Lorraine, France, and the famous Joan of Arc belonged to the same homeland, for the strength and courage with the gods of war heroine deeds, Mr. Bernard heard from childhood For the admiration of this national hero, representing the courage and positive image of the VALOR brand came into being, Mr. Bernard pursuit, just like Joan of Arc, with the blood flow, yet, is the French The courage of the nation and the uncompromising heart of the staff, the positive significance of the brand, is a tribute to Joan of Arc, to pay tribute to the indomitable women.

Bernard, i was born in France since the long leather, in Paris, opened a production of leather goods shop, but also to its leather handmade exquisite and highly skilled and highly skilled, the leather handicrafts, Welcome, although it is a leather fur processing shop, also attracted many high society people come here especially.

In 1963, VALOR company hired famous Italian design lu coins Sebastien Sebastien Sebastian as the chief designer of the brand, Sebastien with its rich fashion connotation of the design concept of VALOR leather access to the global fashion industry attention and praise over the years the formation of a unique Fashion brand style, especially the metal round encircled the leather inlay ring handle, has become the leading fashion industry’s benchmarking. Brand adhere to the traditional French craft, through the strict violation of the production process and the designer’s design inspiration, coupled with the VALOR family of leather material characteristics of the maturation of grasp, so that handbags and leather materials complement each other, over the years to conquer the world’s many love fashion Of people. Become a female handbag light book brand benchmarking.

In 1966, the founder of Bernard (Bernard) died, the brand passed on to the family’s second-generation successor business, the same year the company’s group stores also opened, marking VALOR began to attack the global market. With the establishment of the VALOR London, Rome and Florida stores, the French brand representing fashion and taste has established itself in the world’s most important markets. “VALOR” VALOR brand officially became a stable identity.

Mansour bag is both stylish and practical

Gigi Hadid has been working hard for the past two days – a complete set of sports equipment with hoodies and jogging pants to mix wild leopard Jacket, but also with the light-colored stripes zipper jersey to the whole black shape dotting, wear Victoria Beckham brand (Victoria Beckham) striped long coat to create a simple black and white coat, but also through the side of the color combed jeans Tu Hao wind fur coat turned into a hippie wind.

Four sets of Look all the continuation of the United States Gi in the street shooting in high standards, and her inseparable Mansur (Mansur Gavriel) bag is let people can not ignore it. This is called “Lady” bag follows Mansour’s classic red lining, although the Tote bag shape, but it has a double-shoulder-like clamshell. Both portable or shoulder, can put down the computer’s large capacity is called “out of the house like a star star” savior.

Renzo Piano, an architect who admired minimalist design and fine materials, meticulously delivered the idea to Whitney without any redundancy, except for the vertical stripes that mimicked the facade of the Whitney Museum. Central zipper compartment, both sides are free to fill the free space of daily necessities, double-handle and coupled with shoulder strap, portable shoulder to heart switch.

Maintenance tips on business bags

In general, most of the first cleaning bag for a variety of different materials for cleaning brush or clean cotton, dust, dirt removed.

Leather bags If you use leather cleaner wipe, the general wipe glasses lens cloth is cheap and easy to use a good helper, will not scratch your beloved bag, even smear can make the bag to restore luster.

Clean the nylon material bag and cloth bread, you can not use a dripping wet cloth gently press the bag surface, in addition to silk, silk and satin bag models, you can try toothbrush stained with toothpaste to do local cleaning.

Regardless of any kind of material package, after cleaning should be placed in the ventilation at the dry, do not in order to quickly take the sun, because after the water scrub bag, it is the most vulnerable time, a sudden high temperature irradiation , Will lead to fade or leather bag hardening, brittle.

Buy brand-name bags, usually with a dust bag, if not in the use of bags, remember to empty the bag stuffed some newspapers or old clothes out of the body, into the dust bag admission, admission should avoid folding And the pressure, so as not to cause creases or cracks.

Have you bought all the three bags please?

For those who “cure” the girls for large bags, handbags, Messenger bag, etc. package can be described as everything, but to say the most popular, classic and wild must be black package section slightly. Whether you are a newcomer entering the workplace, or walking in front of the fashion trend of fine, or college students, black bags are always the highest utilization rate, the most widely used single product, its status is not to be underestimated it. If you already have a black bag then from the following to find some of the street shooting with the inspiration it; if you want to take advantage of the end of the year treat yourself to start the bag, the following three types of black bags to give you a reference!

To say the most dirt can be installed the most large bag or a few large handbags, and simple shopping bag style bag can hold your daily work required to learn items; zipper models Tote OL is also the most favorite bag . With coats highlight the elegant temperament, with profile-shaped down jacket is also fully Hold live.

Like a small black skirt in the status of fashion in general, black messenger bag is also a classic. For example, the chain section of the black bag allows the whole person to enhance the temperament, with skirts or pants are extremely fashionable, the Messenger bag a short length of the back in the chest, it is cool girl’s first choice.